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Reaching hands.Do you hold RBM Ministries in ESTeem? Then join our team - the Emergency Support Team! Several times every year, RBM Ministries faces immediate needs for extra cash to meet unusual financial burdens.

In addition to what is given for missionary support, not enough comes into our general fund to produce sufficient money for overhead, materials and special projects. That's the plain truth! With the economy eating away at the available dollars, most of our donors are not able to give large amounts of cash to meet these crisis times. But many could give small amounts more often by joining our Emergency Support Team. Also, many who are not now regular contributors could also join the Team.

Here's our proposal: $20.00 four times a year. You may be asked to donate $20 no more than four times a year. Teenagers and senior citizens agree to send $10.00 or more. Larger gifts are always welcome. This is the Emergency Support Team, a group of many individuals and churches, who agree to help us when we notify them of a special need.

As a Team Member, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are a very important part of the vital ministries of RBM to spiritually needy children and young people. When you enlist, you will become part of a select group of treasured friends.

It's easy to join - just visit our contact us web page and let us know you want to join.

Financial Policy: RBM Ministries is not financially endowed by any denomination or community fundraising groups. The ministry depends entirely upon the gifts of churches and individuals. Such tax-deductible contributions are promptly receipted and acknowledged.