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About RBM Ministries!

"But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me:
for of such is the kingdom of heaven." - Matthew 19:14

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Vision ...

RBM Ministries, formerly Rural Bible Mission, began in the heart of a Michigan pastor in the early thirties. B. F. Hitchcock caught the vision in a one-room country school north of Battle Creek. There he saw a mission field of boys and girls untouched by any church or Sunday school.

RTBCIn 1935 B. F. Hitchcock resigned his church. With Bible in hand and drawing board under his arm, the "Bible Man" visited rural schools in several Michigan counties. Churches, schoolhouses and town halls opened their doors for Summer Bible Schools. By 1940 other men joined hands with Brother Hitchcock. In 1944 these men incorporated the Rural Bible Mission in the State of Michigan. The years have passed; the personnel has changed; B. F. Hitchcock went to be with the Lord in 1960; but the Mission's goal remains: to assist local churches in shaping the eternal destiny of souls by the Word of God. We are committed to do this wherever we see the need and an open door. RBM Ministries is widely recognized by Bible-believing churches and individuals as an outstanding Christian ministry.

Compassion ...

In these days of uncertainty, our missionary staff is called upon to give their best effort in reaching youth with God's Word while there is time. These men and women are certain of their missionary call and they persevere in spite of conflict. Above all, there is a divine compassion for that one boy and that one girl who must be told about Jesus Christ. That is why we are daily "Serving the Church by Reaching the Children".

ACTION - in Released Time Bible Classes...

This is an "open door" in school districts across Michigan. By State law, boys and girls are released from school during class time (with parental permission) to go to a nearby church or facility for "religious instruction".

Our workers hold these classes once a month in most cases, and in some counties they are reaching children in every school system. Seventy-five percent of the students in some schools are attending. Some reports show that more than half of those attending are not being reached by any church or Sunday School. Many of these boys and girls are being won to Christ - an opportunity we never had in our traditional school visits years ago.

Pastors find this program a new outreach for their Sunday Schools. Families are being brought into these churches and to personal faith in Jesus Christ because of the Released Time Bible Classes. Churches are being revitalized as a result. We are thrilled to have a share in such a ministry.

VBSACTION - in Vacation Bible School...

The RBM Ministries VBS program is unique in its field. Promotional materials are supplied in advance. The missionary is available for instructing the local workers. He arrives with a complete supply of lesson materials and visual aids - everything needed for the school! These materials are produced at the Mission's own materials production department at our Kalamazoo headquarters. Children come for one week of solid Bible study and training in Christian living. Each summer hundreds of boys and girls make decisions for Christ. This program is financed as a faith ministry by free-will offerings.

ACTION - Through Follow-up...

Whenever a child receives Christ as Savior we are concerned that the new believer receives spiritual encouragement and continues to grow in Christ. Upon receiving Christ, the young person is enrolled in our own correspondence follow-up program. It is designed to help them understand what it means to be a Christian and how to live the Christian life. In addition, the pastor of the local church receives the name and address of the new convert so that a contact can be made in the home by someone from the church.

ACTION - In Church Related Activities...

Wherever invited, our missionaries assist local churches in youth meetings, Bible clubs, special meetings, pulpit supply and missionary conferences. We are able to do "Junior Missionary Conferences". Your RBM worker is ready to help you. Contact us for additional details.

Financial Policy: RBM Ministries is not financially endowed by any denomination or community fundraising groups. The ministry depends entirely upon the gifts of churches and individuals. Such tax-deductible contributions are promptly receipted and acknowledged.