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COVID-19 Protocols

RBM Ministries is committed to protecting the health of all the children they minister to by practicing the following MI Phase 4 Covid-19 Protocols:

  • Self-monitoring – RBM Ministries requires it’s Representative/Bible Teacher to conduct a daily self-monitoring program which includes taking and recording their temperature daily, canceling classes when they exhibit a fever, any respiratory or flu like symptoms and then following their personal physician’s guidelines for possible testing and quarantining. 
  • Face Masks – RBM Ministries requires it’s Representative/Bible Teacher, all students and volunteers to wear a face mask throughout the Released Time Bible Class experience; including when gathering to leave the school building, during the instructional time and during transportation to and from class.
  • Social Distancing – RBM Ministries requires it’s Representatives/Bible Teachers and all participants in the class such as students, volunteers and transportation personnel to practice proper social distancing. To achieve proper social distancing, it may be necessary to limit the number of children on the bus or in class by dividing a class into several smaller groups.
  • Disinfecting - RBM Ministries disinfects all transportation vehicles after or before each class as well as the location where the Bible class is being held.

Welcome to RBM Ministries Website!

75 YearsRBM Ministries, Inc. is a mission organization that ministers primarily to children and youth. Since 1935, RBM has served churches of various denominational and nondenominational groups, dedicated to the proposition that boys and girls need to be saved, and that they can be if given an opportunity.

Today, as always, our missionaries are committed to a public school-oriented Christian ministry - in nearby churches on school time through Released Time Bible Classes. In addition, RBM offers a unique summer Vacation Bible School program which through biblical teaching presents the message of salvation and eternal life through personal faith in Jesus Christ.

In these days of uncertainty and frustration, our missionary staff is called upon to exert the utmost effort in reaching youth with God's Word. We invite you to browse our web site where you'll find additional information about our mission and our ministry! Do not hesitate at any time to contact us with any questions or to let us know how we can be of help in reaching your goals to share the Gospel of Christ with today's children and youth!

Released Time Bible Class

The 'Released Time Bible Class' program is a public program approved by the United States Supreme Court. Read more about the freedom we have been granted to share the Gospel through this particular program.

Vacation Bible School

Our staff missionaries are trained and equipped to present a uniquely developed Vacation Bible School program at your church. The focus of this program is to bring your students to a point of understanding their need for Jesus Christ! Read more ....

Our Missionaries

Every one of our staff missionaries has received a special calling from the Lord to serve with children and youth. Along with their calling RBM provides them with special training that comes alongside of their calling to equip them to share the Gospel. Read more ...